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Empowering amazing men to be the best version of themselves.

Burke & Keen is a one-stop marketplace that sells curated quality and sustainable grooming essentials for men.

However, we are not just a company that sells men’s grooming products. We want to empower amazing men with confidence to support their healthy lifestyle choices and personal values.


Our Journey: From Los Angeles to Europe

Our three founders, Cyndee, Marlon, and Sally, first met almost a decade ago at a farm-to-table restaurant in Santa Monica, California. A friendship was born over their love of healthy food, travel, and tech startup life.

As fate would have it, their careers and pursuit of work/life balance brought them to Europe. They reunited in 2020 during a global pandemic with a new outlook on their careers and life values. They had a shared vision for challenging the status quo and starting an authentic and purposeful brand from the ground up.

Missing the boutique shops and bespoke brands from L.A., they saw a need for easy access to quality and sustainable grooming products in Europe, especially for men. Finding superior products and reading through ingredient lists shouldn’t have to be so time-consuming and difficult. They also discovered that there were many local producers all over Europe, but finding them online was not easy.

Burke & Keen was born to help consumers shop with ease and feel good knowing they are making better choices for their health, local communities, and our planet.

Quality and sustainable products


Our mission is to provide easy access to quality and sustainable products that lead to good health and a better future for all.


"As individuals, we have a choice to act on our beliefs and work towards leaving the world a better place than we found it. As the saying goes - it takes a village."

Marlon, Co-Founder of Burke & Keen


Quality products you can love & trust

Peace of mind while you shop

Peace of mind while you shop

No more searching or compromising when it comes to supporting your healthy lifestyle. We've done all the hard work for you.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Good for you. Good for the planet. 

We handpick brands and local producers that are committed to using quality natural ingredients and live by sustainability principles.

Self-care with confidence

Self-care with confidence

We believe everyone has the power to make positive choices for their personal wellbeing and the future. It's up to you.


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