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Beviro Forever Young Elixir 50ml

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Forever Young Elixir. Who wouldn't want some? Alchemists tried to create one in the Middle Ages, but it was us who finally managed to deliver. Well, partially - we can't turn your biological clock around, but we can make you look younger. At least in your face.

Forever Young Elixir is an ultimate preparation for the face skin - it hydrates it deeply and helps it regenerate, plus it also smoothes out wrinkles thanks to the biosaccharide included. It will get you out of trouble when you had a little too much to drink, or you just work hard and it is starting to show.

You can either use it as a ground layer before applying a regular moisturizing cream, but it also works great on its own.

Made in the Czech Republic. Like all our products.
Contains 99% of natural ingredients.

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Beviro Forever Young Elixir 50ml