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Conjunto de barbear completo de madeira Sweyn Barba Forquilha

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O conjunto de barbear completo Sweyn Forkbeard é o nosso conjunto de barbear mais popular, incluindo todo o necessário para desfrutar de um barbear clássico.

O conjunto para presente é embalado em uma elegante caixa preta impressa com nosso logotipo e inclui:
  • Navalha de segurança 
  • Pincel de barbear feito com cabo de madeira e cerdas sintéticas. 100% adequado para Vegans.
  • Suporte para lâmina de segurança e escova de barbear.
  • Tigela de barbear de madeira com nosso logotipo gravado na tampa de madeira. A tampa ajuda a manter a espuma para uma segunda passagem. Nossos Sabonetes de Barbear cabem dentro da tigela de madeira.
  • Pacote de 5 Lâminas Duplas Derby Premium.

Brand Story

Sweyn Forkbeard was the 1st Viking King of England in the year 1013. He was famous for his conquers, beard and immaculate hair even in battle. Today, Sweyn Forkbeard channels its namesake and makes products for the man who fights every day in the globalized world without losing his chivalry and masculinity.

Sweyn Forkbeard’s handmade grooming products are 100% organic and inspired by the natural ingredients used by Vikings and English men in 1013. Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. All of the ingredients are vegetal origin so are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and of course has not been tested on animals. Sweyn Forkbeard is a planet-friendly brand. 

The company also supports many charities and makes special donations to the people that need the most help. Although they might be a small company, Sweyn Forkbeard is doing big things.

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Conjunto de barbear completo de madeira Sweyn Barba Forquilha